Jun 1, 2010

Back on track :0)

Life has come at me with more obstacles than I care to deal with in the last couple of months, but eventually I will get myself out of this rut and roll with the punches. I'm trying to go back to school to finished my Nursing (RN) degree at the ripe old age of 40 this year plus keep the household afloat for my youngest son and myself. Definitely not an easy task in this economy to say the least. 

I will pick back up on the blogs, and have a ton of stuff to add to the shops on Etsy so be sure to subscribe and check back often for updates. 

Jan 14, 2010

WOW I'm finally well!

I did not realize it had been so long since I posted on my blog, I do apologize to the few followers I do have. I started out with what I thought was a bad cold or the flu, which quickly turned into a lovely case of bronchitis which in turn became pneumonia. Once I was on the uphill swing I started having a really bad headache behind my right eye and going to the base of my skull. New Years Eve was a nightmare. I was in excruciating pain, and I have regular migraines and this really topped them even. I felt like the right side of my head would explode any moment. Turns out I had an ear infection in both ears and a bad sinus infection on the right side. I received an injection for pain and nausea, the pain was so bad I was sick to my stomach. I rolled into the New Year fast asleep from the injection medications. :) I am finally feeling completely better, although I do get tired easily. Ive started taking some B12 to try and help me regain some strength. 

Ive been busy trying to get a ton of items listed on both Etsy shops the last few days. I have SO much inventory that I just have not had time to go through, photograph and get listed. I have spent the last few days trying to organize, take photos and work on new listings. 

Sadly, I am working on an impending big household move which has me downsizing my own collections including my vintage creamer collection. I have a thing for old creamers and just about can't pass one up when I run across them. I know I have WAY too many, so alas I must sell off some of them and just keep the ones I really really really love. I have started adding them to the vintage shop, and will be adding quite a few more in the next few days.


Ive also started adding quite a few of my vintage planters to my garden shop as well. Another things I just about can't pass up are vintage planters too! LOL I love the milk glass Urns and old footed style planters. I love WHITE accessories, so I tend to pick up lots of vintage white planters. I just can't use them ALL. I know, it's an addiction. I will freely admit it, I do have a problem. ;) All of these can be found in the garden shop within the next week. Please feel free to message me if you see something pictured here on the blog that is not listed yet and I will be happy to discuss it with you and make a personal listing just for youVintage Chocolate Dragon Water Pitcher with Plate - JAPAN!



Be sure to follow my blog, I am planning an Etsy give away from each shop within the next couple of weeks! 




Dec 17, 2009

Cold and Sick - Trying to keep up

Yes, I know its been way too long since I wrote in my blog and I do apologize for that. I've had a nasty cough and congestion that has been keeping me from sleeping very much in the last 3 weeks and have just generally felt like someone took a hammer to me. I am finally starting to feel better and trying to get caught up with my holiday sales and markets. 

I am still offering free shipping on many of my items in both shops right now, this sale will continue through December 31st, 2009. Take a peek at Dakorah Gardens to find a fabulous moss terrarium or succulent garden for a loved one or co-worker. I'm in the process of liquidating my Dakorah Designs shop right now and have marked down allot of prices and offering free shipping on several items.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season, stay safe and don't drink and drive! :) 

Happy Holidays 


Nov 27, 2009

Starving Artist Cafe Annual Holiday Art Market

I will be in North Little Rock, AR tomorrow (Sat 11/28/09) for the Annual Holiday Art Market at the Starving Artist Cafe in the Argenta Arts District on Main St. We will be setting up between 11:30 and 3:00 so that you can do some holiday shopping and enjoy a fabulous lunch all at once. :) 

Come on out and see local Arkansas artists offering some fabulous stuff. Pearl of Little Bird Baskets will be there with some of her fantastic home grown and made gift baskets

The Starving Artist Cafe will be hosting the Annual Holiday Art Market each of the next 4 Saturdays, so there is no excuse for you not to stop in and take something home. Support your local Arkansas Artists. :) 

I will be bringing some succulents, moss terrariums and a few pieces of my jewelry to offer.  


I'm running special sales including FREE US SHIPPING on a ton of items for Black Friday which will run through midnight November 30th, Central Standard Time. Sales are running in all 3 shops! 

Be sure to check back often during the sale, as I dig into my inventory and add more items at great prices or with FREE US SHIPPING! :) 

Dakorah Designs - quality vintage items

Dakorah Gardens - succulents, heirloom seeds, moss terrariums, etc

Dekora Prints -  photography prints 

Nov 22, 2009

Bonsai and Succulents Oh My!

Well I've had the itch to get into Bonsai for quite some time now. I have been enamored with the art of Bonsai for too many years to remember. I finally decided to jump in head first with some of the Jade plants I have and see if I have the patience for the art of Bonsai. I also started a Pony Tail Palm for Bonsai as well. I will keep you updated on my progress, I have great intentions of course so I hope it keeps my attention. :) 

Mini Jade

I planted a few new succulents yesterday too. I found a set of four cobalt blue ceramic Tiki cups that look like they have crazy hair with the succulents I planted in them. They are SO SO cute! 

From left to right

 Oh and I can't forget the oh so fabulous vintage white calf planter I found! I planted a Hobbit succulent in it that looks too cute. 

The Holidays are fast approaching, so get your shopping done early. These little succulents make great gifts. They look fantastic on a desk or work space. They also make fabulous housewarming gifts. Be careful though, they are highly addictive! I can vouch for that - I have a really hard time passing one up when I find a new one that I don't have in my collection. 

Have a Happy Turkey Day and drive safe if you're traveling during the Holiday season! 

~Dakorah Diva