May 28, 2009

Rummage sale finds 5/23/09 Kewaskum, WI village wide rummage event

While we didnt have to brave the wind this past Saturday, we got a few sprinkles of rain here and there. Luckily no heavy down pours. :)

Our first stop as we arrived into the village of Kewaskum did not turn up and goodies at all for us. The 2nd stop scored a 1.5qt cinderella mixing bowl from the Horizon Blue pattern in great condition. This bowl is the Horizon Blue color, with no pattern. The set alternated the solid blue with no pattern and white bowls with the blue pattern. I will add the pic for this one later today. There were also a couple of primary color bowls, the 4qt yellow and the 1.5pt blue - but they were not in the best condition and they wanted way too much for them considering condition. I already have all but the red primary and mine are in somewhat decent shape. The blue was definitely from the 50s. Not nearly as thick as my little blue primary from the 40s. :)

A few other finds from the day:

Pyrex Hurri-Candle NIB
Pyrex Butterfly Gold 045 2.5qt oval casserole. (wrong lid with it, came with a clear lid - not the white lid with the pattern on it.)
Pyrex Crazy Daisy 403 2.5qt mixing bowl
Pyrex Old Orchard 401 & 402 mixing bowls

And my dear M-I-L had picked up a Pyrex Woodland 443 2.5qt mixing bowl for me earlier in the week. :)

Pics to come of all!

Rummage sale finds 5/16/09 Jackson, WI city wide rummage event

Dan and I met up with his sister and her boyfriend to hit the yearly city wide rummage sale event in the neighboring village of Jackson, WI. There was great participation by the community and plenty of things to choose from. It was a nice day, other than being a little chilly and allot windy! :)

We picked up a few nice Pyrex pieces for the collection, including a complete Pyrex Flameware Double Boiler. (One of Dan's best finds of the day)

I also ran across the Pyrex Crazy Daisy 1.5qt oval casserole dish, complete with lid in mint condition at one of the first rummages we stopped at. I already have a few pieces of the Crazy Daisy pattern. (2.5qt oval casserole, sugar bowl, creamer and butter dish)

THE very best find of the day, Dan beat me to. The complete Pyrex refrigerator dish set, mint condition for the Snowflake Blue collection I have going.....for $3!!!!!!!! I nearly had a stroke and was so peeved that he beat me to it! lol Thats OK though, it resides with my collection anyways. ;)

I also picked up a few Pyrex Cranberry cassorole dishes for my every day use in the kitchen, for a great price. :) All in all this was a nice day out for us.