Sep 17, 2009

The work week is almost over...

It's Thursday and the regular work week is almost finished - although with working to get my Etsy shops going I don't seem to ever stop working these days. (thats OK I will get a bit of a break next week when I make my trip to Ft Knox, KY to see my oldest son!)

I sat up last night designing some new business cards for Dakorah, and included both Dakorah Designs and Dakorah Gardens on one card. I think they look pretty nice to have designed them myself. ;)

I also spent the evening thinking of things I will need for my set up at a local craft sale & flea market this coming Saturday, that is held once a month here in West Bend. This will be my first time setting up with the vintage goods and plants. I'm used to doing our reptile expo set ups. ;)

I think I might try to set up at the Saukville, WI Farmer's Market on Sunday as well and see how that goes. It's a relatively new Market so still small compared to the one here in West Bend. We are quite lucky to have a really nice Farmer's Market so close to home. :)

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