Oct 2, 2009

The Whirlwind Tour

Whew! Its been one heck of a week for me. :) I left last Wed morning about 3am heading to Ft Knox, KY from Just north of Milwaukee. Wed evening I got to socialize with my Army Cav Scout son and his Drill Sergeants and troop Commander, then Thur morn I watched him graduate from Cavalry Scout school and officially become a Soldier.

We left directly after graduation and headed to central Arkansas for my son to pick up his Jeep and for us to visit with family members that we had not seen in months. It was a great visit, but way too quick and too much driving. We spent 3 days in central Arkansas then headed back up here to Wisconsin, with Loren following me in his Jeep. One small blowout on his Jeep cost us 4 hours drive time and I ran out of steam and stopped to get a room for the night. We finally made it home Monday afternoon about 4pm.

I am still completely drained and worn out. Its been great having my son up here to visit before he has to report to his first duty station on 5 Oct, at Ft Campbell, KY with the 101st Airborne Air Assault. The time is going by too fast for me though, I'm not ready for him to go yet.

My body is still trying to play catch up, so I havent had much time to add things to the Dakorah shops, but I did post a couple of new moss garden terrariums. One is a really cool Halloween themed terrarium, with a skeleton in a suit with a briefcase called Death of a Salesman. ;) The other is a gorgeous hand blown glass pear with moss and a big chunk of raw Amethyst.

Hope everyone has had a great week, and will have an even better weekend!

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