Nov 22, 2009

Bonsai and Succulents Oh My!

Well I've had the itch to get into Bonsai for quite some time now. I have been enamored with the art of Bonsai for too many years to remember. I finally decided to jump in head first with some of the Jade plants I have and see if I have the patience for the art of Bonsai. I also started a Pony Tail Palm for Bonsai as well. I will keep you updated on my progress, I have great intentions of course so I hope it keeps my attention. :) 

Mini Jade

I planted a few new succulents yesterday too. I found a set of four cobalt blue ceramic Tiki cups that look like they have crazy hair with the succulents I planted in them. They are SO SO cute! 

From left to right

 Oh and I can't forget the oh so fabulous vintage white calf planter I found! I planted a Hobbit succulent in it that looks too cute. 

The Holidays are fast approaching, so get your shopping done early. These little succulents make great gifts. They look fantastic on a desk or work space. They also make fabulous housewarming gifts. Be careful though, they are highly addictive! I can vouch for that - I have a really hard time passing one up when I find a new one that I don't have in my collection. 

Have a Happy Turkey Day and drive safe if you're traveling during the Holiday season! 

~Dakorah Diva

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