Nov 6, 2009

Just a few Photos

Happy Friday all :) Its going to be a gorgeous weekend here in Northern Arkansas with highs in the 70s. I got out yesterday and explored the area, taking almost 300 pictures of landscapes. It is truly beautiful up here, I especially enjoy the natural springs with their sparkling blue/green waters.

I found some really cool caves that look like some type of animal or another is living in them. I always wonder just what sort of animal would live in each little cave I find. I usually just take pictures of them but if the opening is big enough I have been known to peek my head inside and take a look around. I need to remember to bring my flashlight next time I go. ;) I'm thinking tomorrow or Sunday will be great to go out exploring again and taking pictures.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. My thoughts go out to the families at Ft Hood, TX that lost loved ones and soldiers yesterday.

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