Nov 20, 2009

It's been a minute.....

It's been a minute since I had a chance to update my blog, I apologize for that. It has been an INSANE and hectic week for me. I finally made the trip to Wisconsin to pick up the rest of my household items. It was a bit overwhelming and I was exhausted. A couple of mechanical delays left me sitting for 14 hours while en route back to Arkansas. It was NOT fun let me tell you. :) 

I have some fresh, live Reindeer Moss lichen available in the garden shop. This is so soft and gorgeous. Reindeer moss is actually a lichen that forms pillow-like colonies of dense, branching ground cover.

Great for terrariums, table centerpieces, floral arrangements and crafts. Can be dried out for faux arrangements. Once it dries out, a spray of spring water or distilled water will bring it back to life again. If you're using this in a terrarium just provide plenty of indirect light and moisture.

This moss/lichen is great for reptile and amphibian terrariums. I have one gallon and one quart zip bags available. 


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